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About the journal owner
Miranda, 31 years old. Lives in Holland.

Has been taking acting classes for 4 years. Also started going to photography class
last year. She now has a camera attached to her left hand. Has been going to yoga
every Wednesday evening for the past 4 years.

Has the ambition to run a marathon, but hasn't got any further than her weekly 5 to 10 km.
Did run 10 miles once and ended up with a busted knee. It's not a good idea to run 10 miles
on very old shoes.

Is currently working as a secretary but has been given the opportunity to take a
4 month sabbatical. In those four months she'll rethink her carreer and might end up
somewhere completely different. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Likes to hang out in the park, when the weather allows it. Drinks mainly tea and water
from a huge purple tinkerbell mug. Spends most weekends relaxing. Does not like to be
rushed on her day off.

Tries to do at least one new thing every year. This resulted aot in pimping a bike,
learning how to juggle, going on a trip to New York and getting a tattoo (a small one
of a ladybug on her left foot)

Owns little green nissan micra which she only drives when she wants to visit parents.

Also has a graphic site: adnarim_icons which she kind of abandoned due to lack of time.


About the journal
This journal is friends only.
Content exist mostly of stuff that happens in my daily life. Some bitching about work.
Picture posts of theater- and other events.

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