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11 December 2025 @ 08:27 pm

The content of this journal consist mostly of stuff that goes on in my daily life. Which is a rather uncomplicated one. Don't expect soap like stories about the ups and downs of being a super model/professional actress. Main reason: I'm none of those ;)

Every now and then there's picture posts.  I also try to throw some creative bits in. Wallpapers, icons. That won't be much though. I do have an, almost deceased, icon journal. You're more than welcome to take a look.adnarim_icons

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30 July 2025 @ 09:23 pm
This weekend I made my very first complete moodtheme. I feel so very accomplised. Or should I say nerdy? Maybe even weird. Hmmm, somehow I have a feeling I'm missing a mood: IN-SANE.

Credit for the pictures goes to a guy named Ryan who used to have a website named shovelbeating. Don't try to go there, unless you want to watch a cartoon head being beaten to a pulp by a shovel. The site seems to be gone, but thanks anyway Ryan.

Here's a preview.
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29 August 2007 @ 10:32 pm
One moment I was checking my e-mail, the next I was making a wallpaper. I got totally distracted.
It's David Krumholtz and (as I just noticed) not flawless. But then again, I'm not THAT distracted. There was still a little clock inside my head, telling me to go watch Project Catwalk
"Gooooo waaaaaatch project caaaaatwaaaaaalk." 
See, there it is :-)